Game Name Age of Darkness: Final Stand
Genre Strategy, Early Access
Developer PlaySide
Platform PC
Game Size 3.7 GB
Released By N/A
Version v0.8.4 | Steam Early Access
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Age of Darkness: Final Stand: Game Overview

“Age of Darkness: Final Stand” is a thrilling, free-to-play PC game that you can download and start playing instantly. This game is a gripping blend of strategy and survival, where you must build, gather resources, and fight against an unending wave of evil forces. The darkness, an embodiment of evil, is a constant threat. Its origin is a mystery, but it’s known that it can be held back with the power of light and fire. Prepare yourself for massive onslaughts of Nightmares.

The game utilizes a unique technology known as ‘SwarmTech’, enabling it to display over 70,000 enemy units on-screen simultaneously. These enemies emerge from the earth’s depths to reinforce ‘The Veil’. You must illuminate a rich, intricate, and procedurally generated map to reclaim territory from ‘The Veil’, a dynamic and deadly fog that hides enemies and saps the life from your troops.

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“Age of Darkness: Final Stand” is not a game for the faint-hearted. It borrows elements from the roguelite genre, introducing Malices, random afflictions that can disrupt your plans during every Death Night. However, if you survive a Death Night, you can choose from three random Blessings, enhancing your gameplay and providing your army with a crucial advantage.

Gameplay Screenshots


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