Genre Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Developer RedRuins Softworks
Platform PC
Game Size 1.75 GB
Repack By PLAZA
Version v1.1.0.4 | Updated Version
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Breathedge: Game Overview

Breathedge is an engaging survival adventure game set in the vast expanse of outer space. You step into the shoes of a character known as the Man, who is on a mission to transport his grandfather’s ashes to a galactic funeral. However, an unexpected turn of events lands him in the midst of a universal conspiracy.

Your journey begins in the aftermath of a colossal space hearse accident, leaving you surrounded by debris, coffins, and casualties. Your task is to survive in this cosmic junkyard, unravel the conspiracy, rescue the princess, and navigate your way around the world without damaging your fingers on the keyboard. Remember, space is no laughing matter, and staying alive is your biggest challenge. Be prepared to lose progress in a variety of dramatic ways, from suffocation and freezing to electrocution and blunt trauma.

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The game features 2,722 models, including the Man, a chicken, debris, food, tools, and a planet. While some of these models might seem like unnecessary clutter, they all contribute to the game’s immersive environment. The game also boasts 4,129 textures, which, despite seeming fewer in number, are cleverly optimized. Many models share the same set of textures, and a significant portion of the textures are dedicated to icons and inventory items. This means that the 2,722 models in the game utilize only a fraction of the project’s textures.

Download Breathedge for free today and embark on an unforgettable space adventure.

Gameplay Screenshots


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