Game Name Cassette Beasts
Genre Indie, RPG
Developer Bytten Studio
Platform PC
Game Size 2.7 GB
Released By TENOKE emu
Version v1.5.0 | Full Version
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Cassette Beasts: Game Overview

Welcome to the exciting world of Cassette Beasts, an open-world RPG game where you can collect and battle with incredible monsters. Set on the remote island of New Wirral, you’ll encounter a variety of strange creatures, some friendly, some not so much. The inhabitants of this island, particularly those in Harbourtown, use cassette tapes to transform into these creatures and defend their home.

In this game, you have the power to record monsters onto your cassette tapes, gaining their abilities and using them in turn-based battles. The Fusion System allows you to combine any two monster forms, creating a unique and powerful new creature to aid you in your battles. You can also use certain monster abilities in human form to help you navigate the island, solve puzzles, and find dungeons.

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Building relationships is key in Cassette Beasts. The stronger your bond with your companion, the better you can fuse and the more powerful you become. You can also team up with a friend in local multiplayer mode to explore the world, transform, and battle together. The game also features an elemental chemistry system, allowing you to apply extra buffs or debuffs during your attack, or even change your opponent’s elemental type.

Embark on a thrilling journey with Cassette Beasts, available for free download on PC. Face the unknown, form bonds, and fight for your home in this captivating RPG game.

Gameplay Screenshots


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