Game Name Citizen Sleeper
Genre Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer Jump Over The Age
Platform PC
Game Size 621 MB
Released By GOG
Version v1.0.11 | Full Version
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Citizen Sleeper: Game Overview

Citizen Sleeper is a captivating narrative RPG developed by the creators of In Other Waters, with striking character art by Guillaume Singelin. The game unfolds on Erlin’s Eye, a dilapidated space station that serves as a refuge for thousands of individuals striving to survive on the fringes of a space-faring capitalist society.

In this game, you play as a ‘sleeper’, a human consciousness digitised and housed in a synthetic body, owned by a corporation that is determined to reclaim you. Suddenly immersed in the vibrant and alien society of the Eye, your survival depends on forging alliances, earning your livelihood, and navigating the complex politics of this peculiar metropolis.

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The setting is a forsaken station on the brink of a system-wide crisis. Once a beacon of idealism amidst a corporate downfall, it now survives through chaotic alliances, makeshift factions, and a collective yearning for freedom from corporate dominance. Your choices shape your journey. Whether you choose to work in the yards, serve at a bar, scour markets for rare items, or explore the local cuisine, every decision you make impacts your survival and prosperity.

Download Citizen Sleeper for PC today and embark on a journey of survival, alliances, and discovery, one cycle at a time.

Gameplay Screenshots


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