Game Name Dead Cells
Genre Action, Indie
Developer Motion Twin
Platform PC
Game Size 1.9 GB
Released By Mr_GOLDBERG emu
Version v35.7 | Full Version + All DLCs (Clean Cut Update)
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Dead Cells: Game Overview

Experience the thrill of Dead Cells, a unique blend of Roguelite and MetroidVania genres. This game offers a captivating journey through an interconnected world, filled with secrets and hidden passages. The game’s charm lies in its progressive exploration, replayability, and the exhilarating risk of permadeath.

Dead Cells is a 2D action game that challenges you with tough but fair combat. With over fifty weapons and spells, each offering unique gameplay, you’ll find yourself constantly evolving your strategy. The game also features an emergency panic roll, a lifesaver in tricky situations.

The game’s nonlinear progression allows you to choose your path based on your current build, play style, or even your mood. Unlock special permanent abilities to access new paths and reach your objective. The game encourages exploration, with secret rooms and charming landscapes waiting to be discovered.

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Dead Cells stands out with its interconnected levels and the progressive unlocking of the island. Your character evolves, and your weapons get permanent upgrades, adding to the game’s depth. However, your skills as a player are what truly matter. Overcome insurmountable obstacles and enjoy the adrenaline-pumping ride with each run.

Download Dead Cells for PC for free and embark on this thrilling journey. The game includes several expansions like Rise of the Giant, The Bad Seed, Fatal Falls, The Queen and the Sea, and Return to Castlevania, each adding new layers to the game’s rich world.

Gameplay Screenshots


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