Genre Action, Indie
Developer Voracious Games
Platform PC
Game Size 1 GB
Released By Haoose (
Version Build 9781604 | Full Version
Pre-Installed Game Yes

DEATHWATCH: Game Overview

DEATHWATCH is a thrilling horror game that immerses you in a world of haunted locations and supernatural events. Your mission is to monitor these eerie places, record paranormal activities, and neutralize any potential threats from the otherworldly realm. The game demands your full attention as you keep a watchful eye on every camera, including your own location, for any signs of the supernatural.

The game offers a wide range of possible events, from mysterious sounds to ghostly sightings and unfortunate victims. Your primary tool is your computer system, which you’ll use to document each event. Collecting enough data is crucial to identify and eliminate the menacing entity before it gets to you. DEATHWATCH is a game of survival, where your success depends on accurately logging enough paranormal events to make it through the night.

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But remember, you’re not alone. You must always be aware of your surroundings as you might not be the only one watching. The game also features full Twitch integration, allowing you to view your live chat in-game. Your viewers can join in the excitement, potentially disrupting or aiding your gameplay. For an even more immersive experience, try DEATHWATCH in VR mode. It will make you feel like you’re truly in the haunted location, under the constant watch of the unknown.

Gameplay Screenshots


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