Game Name Enter the Gungeon
Genre Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer Dodge Roll
Platform PC
Game Size 493 MB
Repack By GOG
Version v2.1.9 | Updated Version + Microtransaction Gun DLC
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Enter the Gungeon: Game Overview

“Enter the Gungeon” is an exciting PC game that you can download for free right here. This game is a thrilling blend of dungeon exploration and bullet hell gameplay, where you join a group of unconventional heroes on a quest for redemption. Their goal? To find the legendary Gungeon’s ultimate treasure – a gun that can erase the past. You can play solo or team up with a friend in co-op mode to face the challenges of the Gungeon.

The game is set in a series of increasingly difficult levels, each filled with the cute yet deadly Gundead and formidable Gungeon bosses armed to the hilt. Your mission is to survive these treacherous floors and make your way to the bottom of the Gungeon. Along the way, you’ll collect valuable loot, uncover hidden secrets, and negotiate with crafty merchants and shopkeepers to buy powerful items that can give you an advantage.

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“Enter the Gungeon” is a dynamic game that constantly evolves. The Gungeon itself is a bullet hell fortress that seamlessly combines hand-designed rooms with a procedurally-generated maze designed to annihilate all intruders. But be warned – the Gungeon adapts to your victories, increasing the difficulty and challenges within its walls with every success you achieve against its guards and traps.

Gameplay Screenshots


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