Hedon Bloodrite
Genre Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer Zan_HedonDev
Platform PC
Game Size 608 MB
Released By GOG
Version v2.4.2 | Full Version + Extra Thicc Edition
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Hedon Bloodrite: Game Overview

Hedon Bloodrite, available in the Extra Thicc Edition, is a game that combines the best elements of retro FPS games from the 90s with the immersive world-building of games like Arx Fatalis and Thief. This game offers a unique blend of fast-paced action, exploration, and puzzle-solving, providing a challenging experience that rewards creativity and strategic thinking.

The game takes you on an exciting journey through an underground world where ancient and medieval societies intersect with mysterious crystal-powered technologies. This exotic world is filled with lore and secrets waiting to be discovered.

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The atmosphere of Hedon Bloodrite is dark yet strangely comforting. The sound of cave drafts and the hum of mossy crystals create an immersive environment that will keep you engrossed as you plan your next move. The game offers a variety of weapons to defeat your enemies, from a lined-up axe throw to a potion launcher that lobs acid, and even a flamethrower integrated into a goblin-crafted shotgun.

The levels in Hedon Bloodrite are complex, non-linear, and entirely handmade. They require a keen sense of exploration and sharp wits, as there are few arrows to guide you through the mysteries of the Underworld. Download Hedon Bloodrite for PC for free and embark on this thrilling adventure.

Gameplay Screenshots


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