Game Name Hot Shot Burn
Genre Action, Indie, Sports
Developer Artifex Mundi
Platform PC
Game Size 523 MB
Repack By SEWN
Version Updated Version
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Hot Shot Burn: Game Overview

Welcome to the thrilling world of Hot Shot Burn, a PC game that you can download for free and play instantly. This game is a top-down party brawler that combines humor, violence, and intense action. It’s set in a universe where space gladiators fight to the death in a televised blood sport, providing endless entertainment for a galactic audience.

Hot Shot Burn offers a fast-paced multiplayer experience for 2-4 players. You can enjoy this game with friends on your couch or play online. The game features a variety of unique arenas, each with its own set of hazards and rules. This makes every match unpredictable and exciting.

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Choose your hero from a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique skills and playstyles. Whether you prefer a powerful space wrestler or a deadly moth assassin, there’s a character for everyone. The game also features powerful mutators that can drastically change the course of a match, adding an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability.

The game’s vibrant art style is reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons, making it visually appealing. The game is also accompanied by the pulsating beats of synthwave music, enhancing the overall gaming experience. So, download Hot Shot Burn today and get ready for some explosive fun!

Gameplay Screenshots


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