Game Name Iron Harvest
Genre Strategy
Developer KING Art
Platform PC
Game Size 20 GB
Repack By GOG
Version v1.4.8.2946 rev 58175 (Digital Deluxe Edition) | Full Version + 3 DLC
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Iron Harvest: Game Overview

Iron Harvest is an exciting real-time strategy (RTS) game that transports you to an alternate 1920s universe, right after the conclusion of the Great War. The game offers you the thrilling experience of controlling enormous dieselpunk mechs. It is a perfect blend of captivating single-player and co-op campaigns, along with intense battlefield skirmishes for multiplayer enthusiasts. Iron Harvest is the RTS game that fans have been eagerly anticipating.

In this game, you’ll witness the clash between tradition and scientific advancement in a Europe that’s still healing from the ravages of the World War. As cities are being reconstructed, the countryside is experiencing the dawn of the Iron Harvest era. Farmers are discovering remnants of the grand walking machines that once battled in the Great War. Amidst this turmoil, a new menace emerges that threatens the very existence of Europe. Covert forces are working tirelessly to destabilize entire nations, with the aim of reigniting global conflict and seizing ultimate control.

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Iron Harvest offers a variety of tactical options, including stealth, and encourages strategic planning. The game features destructible environments, meaning no cover is permanent and the line of sight is always changing. With three playable factions, over 40 unit types, and 9 heroes, the game provides a rich and varied gameplay experience. You can lead numerous unit types into battle, build and fortify your base, and even equip soldiers with weapons to enhance their abilities and firepower. The game also includes three single-player campaigns with a connected storyline, single-player and co-op skirmish matches, challenge maps, and competitive multiplayer options.

Gameplay Screenshots


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