Game Name Kerbal Space Program
Genre Indie, Simulation
Developer Maxis
Platform PC
Game Size 2.5 GB
Repack By GOG
Version v1.12.5.03190 | Full version + all 2 DLCs
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Kerbal Space Program: Game Overview

Kerbal Space Program is an engaging game that puts you in control of a space program for an alien race known as the Kerbals. Your task is to build a fully operational spacecraft using a variety of parts, all while considering real-world aerodynamics and orbital physics. The ultimate goal is to launch your Kerbal crew into orbit and even further, exploring the moons and planets within the Kerbol solar system. You’ll also have the opportunity to construct bases and space stations to broaden your exploration reach.

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The game offers three distinct gameplay modes. Science Mode encourages you to conduct space experiments to unlock new technology and broaden the Kerbals’ knowledge. Career Mode lets you manage every facet of the space program, from construction and strategy to funding and upgrades. Sandbox Mode gives you the freedom to create any spacecraft you can imagine, with access to all parts and technology in the game.

Additionally, the game includes the Making History Expansion and the Breaking Ground Expansion. These expansions add more depth and challenge to the game, enhancing your space exploration experience. Download Kerbal Space Program for PC for free and embark on your space adventure today.

Gameplay Screenshots


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