Game Name KovaaK 2.0
Genre Action, Indie, Simulation
Developer The Meta
Platform PC
Game Size 2.3 GB
Released By Mr_Goldberg
Version v2.8.8 | Full Version
Pre-Installed Game Yes

KovaaK 2.0: Game Overview

KovaaK 2.0 is a top-tier aim trainer game, renowned for its high performance and minimal input delay. This game is a favorite among professional gamers and streamers who use it to enhance their skills. It’s a product of collaboration between seasoned FPS professionals and NVIDIA, a leading name in the gaming industry.

With over 10,000 training scenarios, KovaaK 2.0 offers infinite customization options to support every FPS/TPS title and skill level. It’s built on the Unreal Engine, ensuring peak performance and an authentic gaming experience. The game mimics weapon and movement physics from popular FPS/TPS titles, providing exact sensitivity matching to help you improve rapidly.

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Unique to KovaaK 2.0 is its partnership with NVIDIA. This collaboration allows the game to access Nvidia’s lowest-level GPU routines, reducing input delay to the bare minimum. It also features an NVIDIA Experiments Mode, where players can contribute to scientific research into FPS performance.

One of the standout features of KovaaK 2.0 is its flexibility. Players can create their own scenarios and customize every aspect of their training. The game respects your privacy and does not sell your data to third parties. Its primary focus is to help you improve your gaming skills in a fun and engaging way.

Gameplay Screenshots


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