Game Name My Summer Car
Genre Indie, Racing, Simulation, Early Access
Developer Amistech Games
Platform PC
Game Size 396 MB
Released By Mr_GOLDBERG
Version v231210-01 | Steam Early Access
Pre-Installed Game Yes

My Summer Car: Game Overview

My Summer Car is a unique and immersive life survival game that offers an unparalleled car ownership experience. The game is set in the 1990’s Finnish countryside and revolves around building, maintaining, and upgrading your own car. It’s not just about the car though, you also need to take care of yourself, indulging in simple pleasures like sausages, beer, and sleep.

The game begins with you having to assemble your car and its engine from hundreds of scattered parts. Once you’ve built a functioning car, you can use it for various summer activities. The game also incorporates elements of fun and mischief, as you can engage in silly antics under the influence of alcohol.

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As you progress, you can earn extra money from random jobs. This money can be used to tune and upgrade your car. You can transform it into a loud, bass-boom disco machine, a rally car for competitions, or restore it to its original factory condition. However, remember to pass the car inspection to avoid getting into trouble with the police.

My Summer Car is a game that perfectly blends car mechanics with life simulation, offering a unique gaming experience. Download it for free on your PC and embark on a memorable summer adventure.

Gameplay Screenshots


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