Game Name No More Heroes
Genre Action
Platform PC
Game Size 1.7 GB
Released By CODEX emu
Version Build 7018523 | Full Version
Pre-Installed Game Yes

No More Heroes: Game Overview

Welcome to the thrilling world of No More Heroes, a game that’s all about action, adventure, and a quest for supremacy. You’ll step into the shoes of Travis Touchdown, a man on a mission to become the greatest assassin the world has ever known. His journey begins in a bar, with a beautiful woman by his side and a beam katana in his hand.

No More Heroes is a game that’s been revamped with high-definition graphics, enhancing the classic slice-and-dice action that fans love. You’ll face off against a variety of unique and charismatic rival assassins as you carve your way to victory. But the game isn’t just about relentless combat. There’s a whole world to explore beyond the battlefield.

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When you’re not engaged in life-or-death battles, you’ll take on part-time jobs to earn money for new gear. You’ll also train to increase your power for the upcoming ranking battles. And let’s not forget the joyrides on your custom motorbike through the streets of Santa Destroy. No More Heroes is a game that offers a perfect blend of action, strategy, and exploration. So, get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey in this free PC game.

Gameplay Screenshots


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