Game Name Nuclear Throne
Genre Action, Indie, RPG
Developer Vlambeer
Platform PC
Game Size 155 MB
Repack By GOG
Version Update 99
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Nuclear Throne: Game Overview

Nuclear Throne is an engaging PC game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Unlike typical post-apocalyptic scenarios where humans are the last hope, in this game, humanity has been wiped out. The world is now inhabited by mutants and monsters. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to navigate through this desolate wasteland, armed with powerful weapons and the ability to mutate new limbs and abilities through collected radiation. The ultimate goal? To reach the Nuclear Throne.

The game’s difficulty level escalates as you progress. This is determined by the number of portals you’ve entered, which in turn influences the number of enemies that spawn in the area and the type of weapons that drop from Weapon Chests and enemies. Entering a Crown Vault or the Sewers Secret Area is equivalent to entering a portal, thus increasing the difficulty each time you exit them. This means you’ll get access to better weapons earlier, but you’ll also face more enemies.

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Furthermore, the HP of Bosses and other enemies varies depending on the number of loops or players. Each loop boosts the HP of all enemies by 5%. Bosses’ HP first increases by 33%, then by 5%. Each additional player boosts the HP of Bosses by 50%. Weapons can be obtained from Weapon Chests in the area and all subsequent areas. The type of weapon drops is determined by the difficulty level. So, brace yourself for a thrilling adventure in the world of Nuclear Throne.

Gameplay Screenshots


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