Game Name Osiris: New Dawn
Genre Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer Fenix Fire Entertainment
Platform PC
Game Size 2.8 GB
Released By TENOKE
Version v0.5.616 | Full Version
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Osiris: New Dawn: Game Overview

Osiris: New Dawn is an intriguing sci-fi game, meticulously developed by a team of experienced AAA developers. Currently in its final stages of Early Access, the game has undergone numerous updates and expansions, all shaped by player feedback. These include Dawn of Aziel, Proteus 2 Unearthed, Architect Update, Into the Fray, Rise of Zer, and many more. The game also offers an Experimental Build for public testing of the latest features.

In Osiris: New Dawn, you are tasked with a critical mission. As Earth is on the brink of extinction, you are sent on a resupply mission in the distant corners of space. Your objective is to locate and colonize habitable planets. The journey is fraught with danger and the odds of survival are slim. You must explore and construct during the day and prepare for the threats that come with the night. The fate of mankind rests on your shoulders.

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The game offers a rich and immersive experience. You must gather resources and materials to survive, construct modular structures for food production and manufacturing, and research new technologies for gear and vehicle upgrades. Each planet you explore is home to unique and terrifying alien creatures and is characterized by its own unique biomes and dynamic weather patterns. The alien solar system is harsh and unforgiving, but it’s up to you to conquer it.

Gameplay Screenshots


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