Game Name Rhythm Doctor
Genre Indie
Developer 7th Beat Games
Platform PC
Game Size 449 MB
Version Build 12622513
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Rhythm Doctor: Game Overview

Rhythm Doctor is an engaging rhythm-based game set in a unique world where the rhythm of heartbeats can heal patients. The game’s main objective is to hit the spacebar in perfect sync with the 7th beat of the patients’ heart rhythm. This action-packed game is filled with patients who have different illnesses, each based on complex music theory concepts like polyrhythms, hemiolas, and irregular time signatures.

The game features over 20 meticulously crafted levels, each with its own storyline. Every level introduces a new rhythm theory concept in a way that’s easy to understand. The game boasts a large cast of characters, including doctors and patients, all part of an overarching storyline filled with character-driven narratives.

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Rhythm Doctor can be played solo or with a friend using the local multiplayer option. It also includes a robust level editor that allows you to create, share, and play community levels. You can use your own music, place notes on the beat, and choose from over 50 different visual effects and backgrounds. For those seeking a challenge, there are “Night Shift” versions of each level.

Please note, the two-player mode only works locally. Online multiplayer via Remote Play is available but may not function optimally due to varying latency issues. Enjoy this rhythm-based healing adventure on your PC for free!

Gameplay Screenshots


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