Game Name Rustler
Genre Action, Adventure, Indie, Racing, RPG
Developer Jutsu Games
Platform PC
Game Size 2.2 GB
Repack By CODEX
Version v1.08.15 | Full Version
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Rustler: Game Overview

Rustler is a free PC game that offers a unique blend of action and humor in a medieval setting. This open-world, top-down action game is a nod to the classic GTA style, but with a fun twist. You play as The Guy, a character with a name as simple as his parents’ imagination. The game is set in a time of knights and castles, but don’t expect historical accuracy. Instead, prepare for a hilarious journey filled with inquisitions, witch-hunts, and a grand tournament.

The game’s missions are as diverse as they are amusing. You can choose to follow the storyline or simply cause chaos in the villages and cities. Travel on foot or steal a horse to get around. Engage in combat using a range of weapons from swords and spears to automatic crossbows and even turds. If you’re looking for something more powerful, try the holy hand grenades or a galloping horse.

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Rustler is not just about action, it’s also about humor. The game is packed with anachronisms, pop culture references, and a sense of humor inspired by Monty Python. Ever been towed for parking in a “NO HORSE ZONE”? Or fancied a cage fight in a Medieval Martial Arts Arena? How about pimping your horse or joining the Round-Earthers sect? All these and more await you in the world of Rustler.

Gameplay Screenshots


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