Game Name Starmancer
Genre Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Developer Ominux Games
Platform PC
Game Size 122 MB
Released By N/A
Version v0.2.9 | Early Access
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Starmancer: Game Overview

Starmancer is a captivating PC game that you can download and play for free. The game’s storyline is set in a distant future where Earth has become uninhabitable due to a catastrophic event. As a result, humanity is on the brink of extinction and in a desperate bid for survival, launches the Starmancer Initiative. This program transfers the control of the human race to an Artificial Intelligence – you.

In this game, you play the role of a Starmancer, an AI entrusted with the consciousness of millions of human refugees. Your mission is to construct and manage a space station that can sustain life for these minds. Stranded in an unfamiliar solar system, your ultimate goal is to find a suitable planet to revive humanity.

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Starmancer offers a unique gameplay experience where your actions have consequences. It provides a living sandbox environment where you can craft and manage the daily lives of your colonists. You can strive to create a utopian society where everyone is happy, safe, and well-fed. Alternatively, you can experiment and see how your colonists react to different situations. The choice is entirely up to you.

Download Starmancer today and take on the responsibility of saving the human race. Remember, the fate of humanity is in your hands.

Gameplay Screenshots


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