Weed Shop 3
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Weed Games
Platform: PC
Game Size: 3.7 GB
Released By: Mr_GOLDBERG
Version: Build 10562557 | Full Version
Pre-Installed Game

Weed Shop 3: Game Overview

Weed Shop 3 is an engaging and entertaining game that allows you to step into the world of marijuana business. This game is a blend of business management, first-person shooter action, and a captivating storyline that keeps you hooked. Starting from scratch, you embark on a journey to build a profitable cannabis empire from a defunct adult toy store.

At the beginning, you’re penniless and have to resort to growing weed in the toilet and scavenging for money in the trash. However, as you progress, you can expand your business by selling weed on the streets or in your shop, upgrading your grow setup, and improving the visual appeal of your shop to attract wealthier customers. You can also create and sell your own pre-rolled products and various accessories.

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As your business grows, you can hire staff to handle different aspects such as farming, sales, and promotion. With more experienced staff, you can delegate daily tasks and focus on bigger goals. You can even open a second facility and experiment with cross-breeding new strains to create a more potent hybrid.

Once you’ve established your brand, you can hire influencers to promote your products and gain their respect. This will help you attract high-paying customers who will promote your shop for free. Download Weed Shop 3 for PC today and embark on an exciting journey to build your own cannabis empire.

Gameplay Screenshots


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