Game Name Welcome to the Game II
Genre Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer Reflect Studios
Platform PC
Game Size 1.1 GB
Released By ALI213
Version v1.21 | Full Version
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Welcome to the Game II: Game Overview

Welcome to the Game II is a thrilling combination of horror, strategy, and puzzle elements, set in the eerie world of the deep web. The game revolves around the mysterious shadow web and your quest to uncover its secrets. You step into the shoes of Clint Edwards, a dedicated investigative reporter based in a bustling city.

Your adventure begins when you are awakened by strange noises from your computer. A woman named Amalea is on the other side, speaking about the shadow web and the masked men who are pursuing her. Her message is cut off before she can reveal her location, sparking Clint’s curiosity and concern.

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Driven by the need to find Amalea before it’s too late, Clint delves deeper into the shadowy corners of the deep web. However, he soon realizes that this is not a place for the faint-hearted. The deep web is full of dangers and unknown entities ready to strike back at any moment.

Download Welcome to the Game II for PC for free and embark on this chilling journey. Unravel the mysteries of the shadow web, but remember – you’re not alone in this digital abyss.

Gameplay Screenshots


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