Game Title Yuppie Psycho: Executive Edition
Genre Adventure, Indie
Developer Baroque Decay
Platform PC
Game Size 1.4 GB
Released By Mr_GOLDBERG emu
Version v2.6.5 | Full Version
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Yuppie Psycho: Executive Edition: Game Overview

Yuppie Psycho: Executive Edition is a thrilling horror adventure game that you can download for free and play on your PC. This game takes you on a unique journey through the complex hierarchy of a massive corporation, where you’ll uncover dark secrets and solve intriguing mysteries.

In this game, you’ll step into the shoes of Brian Pasternack, a young man living in a dystopian 90s society with no promising future. His life takes a turn when he lands a job at Sintracorp, one of the world’s biggest companies. However, Brian is unprepared and underqualified for the challenges that await him. His success in the company depends on how well he performs on his first assignment, provided he survives it.

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As Brian, you’ll explore the vast Sintracorp building, using the elevator to uncover what lies on each floor and within the different departments. You’ll interact with a variety of peculiar characters, evade terrifying creatures, and uncover Sintracorp’s dark past. The game also involves stealth and decision-making elements, as the company’s corridors are filled with dangers that will force you to hide, run, and make crucial choices that will determine the story’s outcome.

Yuppie Psycho: Executive Edition also features puzzle-solving elements. You’ll need to find clues, solve riddles, discover new paths, and overcome challenges, all while avoiding the witch. The game also uses lighting as a gameplay mechanic, where you’ll use different light sources to illuminate your path and reveal what lurks in the darkness.

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