Game Name Out of Space
Genre Casual, Indie, Strategy
Developer Behold Studios
Platform PC
Game Size 227 MB
Online By
Version v1.2.4b13 | Co-op
Pre-Installed Game Yes

Out of Space: Game Overview

Out of Space is an engaging multiplayer game that can be played both locally and online. The game revolves around the unique concept of cohabitating in a space house with your friends. The challenge? You’re not alone! You’ll have to deal with a dangerous alien infestation while also managing the complexities of creating a sustainable spaceship. The ultimate goal is to transform your new space house into a comfortable home.

Every match in Out of Space begins in a spaceship house that is generated procedurally, requiring your best planning and teamwork skills to make it clean and comfortable. You and your friends will have to work together to generate resources, recycle waste and alien goo, purchase and construct new technologies, and look after each other. Your new home is a mess, and it’s up to you to turn it into a place you can proudly call home.

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Out of Space is a fun game that can be enjoyed on the couch with friends. Its short matches make it easy for anyone to pick up a controller and start playing. However, it’s not just about fun. As a strategy game, it requires you to make both short and long-term decisions, expand and conquer new rooms, and build technology to automate tasks. Download Out of Space for PC for free today and start your space adventure!

Gameplay Screenshots


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