Game Name People Playground
Genre Simulation
Developer Aquiris Game Studio
Platform PC
Game Size 188 MB
Released By N/A
Version v1.27.5 | Full Version
Pre-Installed Game Yes

People Playground: Game Overview

People Playground is a thrilling game designed for those who love to engage in a world of ragdolls with a twist. This game offers a more detailed and satisfying experience, providing a sense of freedom as you interact with the ragdolls. The game environment is spacious, offering ample room for you to explore and experiment.

Every object in the game has unique properties that determine how it interacts with the world. For instance, there are sharp objects like swords and spears that can be used to stab the ragdolls. The game also introduces the concept of electricity conduction, with different objects, including humans, having varying degrees of conductivity. When charged, these items become significantly more potent.

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People Playground also explores the element of fire. Materials such as wood, rubber, plastic, and even humans can be set ablaze, providing a mesmerizing spectacle as they slowly turn black. The game features a diverse range of projectile weapons for you to experiment with. Additionally, there are various types of explosives with different levels of destructive power and energy release methods.

People Playground is available for free download on PC. Dive into this unique playground and unleash your creativity in this interactive ragdoll world.

Gameplay Screenshots


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